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Worship Service & Meetings

Sunday Worship Service 11:00AM

Sunday Schools:

     -Adults Bible Study         9:45AM   @Library

     -Children Bible Study     10:00AM  @Kid's Room
     -Youth Group                  5:00PM    @Youth Room
Choir Practice (Thursday)    7:00PM   @Sanctuary

Announcement (7/8/2018)

  1. The Flowers on the Altar are in Loving Memory of Tammy Wentz,

    by Ray Wentz

    1. 1. Sign Up for the Breakfast without the Pastor [Thursday, 7/11; 8:30am-10am]
    2. 2. Sign Up for the Monthly Fellowship Dinner-Theme: Spaghetti 
    3.     [Wednesday, 7/25; 5:30pm-7:30 pm]
    4. 3. Pastor’s Family Vacation [Tuesday, July 3-Friday, July 20]
    5. 4. Vacation Bible School [Saturday, 7/28; 8:30am-3pm] More info to come.
    6. 5. A.C.T.S. Event: Church Community Event [Saturday, 9/22]
    7. 6. CHARGE CONFERENCE [Sunday September 23rd 3:30 pm]
    8. 7. Sign up for the Musical “Jesus” at Sight and Sound, Lancaster, PA 
    9.    [Saturday, 11/3]