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Worship Service & Meetings

Sunday Worship Service 11:00AM

Sunday Schools:

     -Adults Bible Study         9:45AM   @Library

     -Children Bible Study     10:00AM  @Kid's Room
     -Youth Group                  5:00PM    @Youth Room
Choir Practice (Thursday)    7:00PM   @Sanctuary
Breakfast w/ the Pastor (Thursday)    8:30-10AM 
                                                                                                 @ Fellowship Hall

Announcement (1/13/2019)

  1. The Flowers on the Altar are given in Celebration of Cindy Betterly’s Birthday given by Janie Spears

        1. 1. Sign up for the Breakfast with the Pastor [Thursday, 1/10; 8:30-10:00]
        2. 2. Sign up for the 2019 Worship Volunteers: we need scripture readers, 
        3.      ushers, acolytes, altar guild, and nursery]
        4. 3. Sign up for the 2019 Bible Challenge: Fill out the registration form and 
        5.      leave it in the basket by the doors. If you submitted the form last 
        6.      Sunday, please check your new form in the Bible Challenge chart box.
          1. 4. Sign up for the Annual Spaghetti Dinner 

          2.     [Sat.1/26; Dinner: 5-7, Music: 6-8]