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WORSHIP > Sermon Video (2018)

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December 2018

12302018 Sunday Worship Service
"Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!" [script]

12162018 Sunday Worship Service
"Waiting for Divine Redemption" [script]

12022018 Sunday Worship Service
"From Where Will My Help Come?" [script]

12232018 Sunday Worship Service
"Our God" [script]

12092018 Sunday Worship Service
"Peace be in the House of the Lord" [script]


November 2018

11182018 Sunday Worship Service
"What Do You Regret the Most?" [script]

11042018 Sunday Worship Service
"The Place Where We Can Meet God" [script]

11112018 Sunday Worship Service
"Please Wait a Little While" [script]


October 2018

10282018 Sunday Worship Service
"Repentance: A Spiritual Gift" [script]

10072018 Sunday Worship Service
"Trust in God under Adversity" [script]


September 2018

09302018 Sunday Worship Service
"Who is the Blessed?" [script]

09162018 Sunday Worship Service
"Meaning of the Beast and its Number" [script]

09022018 Sunday Worship Service
"Give, Live, and Love" [script]

09232018 Sunday Worship Service
"What Happens After a Person Dies?" [script]

09092018 Sunday Worship Service
"What Is This Book?" [script]


August 2018

08262018 Sunday Worship Service
"If Faith All" [script]

08122018 Sunday Worship Service
"Justification by Faith or Work?" [script]

08192018 Sunday Worship Service
"Grace of the New Covenant" [script]

08052018 Sunday Worship Service
"Melchizedek, A Type of Christ" [script]


July 2018

07292018 Sunday Worship Service
"Like Onesimus, Like Philemon" [script]

07012018 Sunday Worship Service
"Unity in Christ" [script]


June 2018

06242018 Sunday Worship Service
"Unity in Christ" [script]

06102018 Sunday Worship Service
"What Do We Life For?" [script]

06172018 Sunday Worship Service
"Thorn, A Sign of Power of Christ [script]


May 2018

05272018 Sunday Worship Service
Preached by Jeff Harding [script]

05202018 Sunday Worship Service
"We Are God's Servants" [script]

05132018 Sunday Worship Service
"What Comes After Justification?" [script]

05062018 Sunday Worship Service
"Fruit of Justification" [script]


April 2018

04292018 Sunday Worship Service
"Why Paul?" [script]

04222018 Sunday Worship Service
"Come Over and Help Us" [script]

04152018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Paul's Conversion: Justifying Grace" [script]

04082018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Where Is Our Jerusalem?" [script]

04012018 Easter Sunday Worship Service 
"Power of Resurrection" [script]

04012018 Sunrise Service 
"Do You Still Love Me? [script]


March 2018

03302018 Nokesville Community Good Friday Service 
"Are You the King?" [script]

03252018 Sunday Worship Service 
"A Way to the Cross" [script]

03182018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Water into Wine" [script]

03112018 Sunday Worship Service 
"The Word Became Flesh" [script]

03042018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Who is the Lost Son?" [script]


February 2018

02252018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Meaning of Number Three" [script]

02182018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Three Temptations" [script]

02112018 Sunday Worship Service 
"On the Bottom of the Mountain" [script]

02042018 Sunday Worship Service 
"More Than Salvation" [script]


January 2018

01282018 Sunday Worship Service 
"What a Church Should Be!" [script]

01142018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Be the Sower" [script]

01212018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Amazing Grace is Beyond Justice and Righteousness" [script]

01072018 Sunday Worship Service 
"Celebration of Epiphany" [script]